Mineralogical locations
of Piedmont
by Patrizia and Massimo Deidda
Lake Maggiore
Cave-Ex-Locatelli-Seula-Mount Camoscio-Oltrefiume-Baveno (VCO)

Nestled between lakes, rivers, mountains and hills, Baveno enjoys a mild climate in all seasons.

The towns of mineralogical interest lie in the Mount Camoscio where emerge intermittently the schists and Granites of the Lakes.

Granite is of variscan age and consists of quartz, plagioclase, k-feldspar and biotite.

The Baveno granite enjoys worldwide fame, it began to extract the precious rock since the 16th century AD.

Many monuments built with granite Baveno including one in honour of Christopher Columbus in New York, the Palazzo Carignano in Turin and the monument to Vittorio Emanuele II.

Historically, prior to the 20th century it was used for gunpowder and extracting the granite was transported through the Lake maggiore, and Ticino.

Currently modern hydraulic excavators and drilling machines have replaced the no less tiring work for miners.

The main active quarries are the quarry and quarry Seula former Locatelli which border each other. It is recalled that in the cave is planted research and the collection of minerals.




Aeschynite-albite-allanite-alluminocerite-anatase – anthophyllite – apatite – arsenopyrite-axinite – from barite – bastansite – – – bazzite bavenite-berthierite – – Beryl bertrandite – cabasite – calcioancylite – chamosite-calcite – cascandite – – clinocloro – cassiterite cordierite-chrysocolla – datolite-Hematite-epidote-faialite-feldspar-fluorite fluorapatite fersmite – – – – – galena gadolinite heulandite – hingganite – hydroxylherderite – kainosite – kamphaugite – kristiansenite – ixiolite – jervisite-laumontite – magnetite – malachite – microcline – milarite-molybdenite-muscovite-Opal-orthoclase-phillipsite – policrasio – prehnite-quartz – copper – rutile – scandiobabingtonite – scheelite-sekaninaite – siderophyllite-sphalerite-stilbene-stilpnomelane-thoré – thortyeitite – titanite – Akane – Topaz-tourmaline – uraninite-wulfenite – xenotime — zinnwaldite — zircon.


Thank you to the dealers of quarries Seula and former Locatelli which allowed authors to make the photo report.

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