Mineralogical locations
of Piedmont
by Patrizia and Massimo Deidda
Valle di ViĆ¹ on the orographic right
Falin Lakes-Punta Cirel-Usseglio (TO)

Our trip is set in a beautiful alpine landscape rich in flora and fauna that amplify the magnificence of the valle di Viù (Turin).

We are located on the right bank of the Valley a few miles away from the village of Margone.

Passed the village of Margone towards the bottom of the Valley, towards the Lake of Malciaussia, arrived near the Grange Ciapè and rio Bellacomba, a well marked trail in the direction of the Stura di Viù (Clare), crossed the River, follow the trail that in about 30 – 40 first leads us toward Un Coast up to on a large plateau which overlooks toward the Lakes below at the foot of the small underlying Costs and Uja Nu.

Mineralogical deposits the ponds main Falin are placed at less than 40 m in altitude above the broad plateau, approximately 100 metres compared with Lakes, large coils above cash rodingite lenses.

Other rodingite lenses are present in the rocks at the base of the coast Nu that rests on the Lakes of Falin.

So below along the left flank to flank the coast Nu between Uja and mount small Cirel, it comes at a steep gully where in its vicinity was found in 80 years the perowskite, primary deposits are located in Mount Cirel.

This last area is not part of the itinerary of the trip and is cited for the pleasure of remembering it, the site and should be considered extremely dangerous.


The minerals.

Albite in rare white opaque crystals, massive calcite , epidote crystals in colour from light green to dark green Garnet crystals of a nice bright red, perowskite crystals of cubic habit Browner until translucent amber to black in prehnite full RADIUS white polyethylene spherules, titanite in yellow crystals.


My heartfelt thanks to Istituto Geografico Militare in Florence that has made available the cartography of the area treated.

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