Mineralogical locations
of Piedmont
by Patrizia and Massimo Deidda
Mineral database of Piedmont , locations of forthcoming.
Photo Gallery Piedmont, mineral localities of forthcoming.

Mineralogical localities section of Piedmont forthcoming on this website.

We'll only mineral localities folders which will then be transferred to full publication, complete with views and descriptions in the relevant sections on the valleys.

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Mines of Brosso, Lessolo (TO), Canavese.

Casotto Valley, (CN).

Ruins (CN), valle Gesso.

Chiandusseglio, Lemie (Turin), valle di Viù.

Pratobotrile, the Sexes, Condove, val di Susa.

Signols quarries, Oulx (TO), val di Susa.

Champlas Seguin, Cesana (Turin), val di Susa.

Cotolivier, Oulx (TO), val di Susa.

Mahmoudi, Bussoleno (Turin), val di Susa.

Alpine House, wymondham Remains.

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