Mineralogical locations
of Piedmont
by Patrizia and Massimo Deidda
Valle di Viù left bank
Quara of Bellacomba – Bessanetto Mountain – Bessanetto Lake – Lake della Rossa-Usseglio (TO)

We are located in the header of the Valli di Lanzo and more precisely in Val di Viù in the commune of Usseglio (Turin).

Starting location, Val d'ala, Grange of Mussa, Pian della Mussa, Balme (TO).

From Grange of Mussa, crossed the wooden bridge, the trail runs alongside Villa Sigismondi, Roch and Neil, and after about 200 metres, turn right towards Rocca Tovo.

Joints in Saulera Valley and Saulera Valley we passed on our left the rock base Tovo in the direction of the dry and the Mangiorie under Lucellina Tip.

After crossing the pass we are in val di Viù, the whole of the Mineralogical localities is shot by order of the Municipality of Usseglio (TO) prohibiting research, collecting minerals and access to work sites abandoned, this Ordinance and better specified in the appropriate section on this web site (bans-Ordinances and resolutions on minerals in Piedmont).

Small cobalt outcrops make appearance between Mount Bessanetto, the Quara Fight between Lake Bessanetto and the red, it would be the latest manifestations of the cobalt mining district of Punta horns.


The minerals.


Calcite, boulangerite, bournonite, quartz, siderite, skutterudite.




We thank the Istituto Geografico Militare for the cartography of the area treated.


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