Mineralogical locations
of Piedmont
by Patrizia and Massimo Deidda
Right Ala Valley
Alpe Saulera-Balme (TO)

The Saulera is located at the bottom of the wing, in the municipality of Balme (TO), on the right bank from the Pian Della Mussa.

From Grange of Mussa there heads to a wooden bridge that crosses the river Stura.

After crossing follow the path on the left that runs alongside a group of huts until arriving at the beginning of a plan to ' the beginning of which we turn right up to inerpicarci in a steep and marked path which will lead us, keeping the left, until the Saulera Basin.

(Keeping it right you get on top of Roch and Neil).

L ' the last part of the trail before reaching the Saulera Basin is very exposed and you should deal with it carefully as the vegetation prevents you from seeing the vertical wall that rests on the Pian della Mussa.

Come to the Conca Saulera ripiegheremo to our right, on the left you go to Rocca Tovo, a few hundred metres away and we are on the ground floor in the vicinity of Saulera.

From the top of the plane you can see a large excavation work that coincides with the vertical of the trail below which anticipates the ascent to Saulera Basin, the author does not recommend in situ visit of the site due to the hazardous nature of very exposed ledge that requires mountaineering techniques for his approach, safety and common sense must prevail above all things.

The beauty of these places will repay the effort of this short climb.




Apatite crystals, massive calcite , chlorite, diopside crystals, epidote crystals, '' granato'' variety and topazzolite do in magnetite crystals in octahedral crystals, perowskite in rare crystals, titanite crystals.

Research and the collection of minerals in the Piedmont region is regulated by regional law No. 51 April 4, 1995, collector purposes only, scientific and educational.


My heartfelt thanks to theIstituto Geografico Militare in Florencethat has madethe cartography of the area treated.

We thank and Franco Brunello Chianale that have allowed the author to photograph some samples of their resort Collections.


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