Mineralogical locations
of Piedmont
by Patrizia and Massimo Deidda
Valle di ViĆ¹ on the orographic right
Grange of Castelletto-Lago di Malciaussia-Usseglio (TO)

Nestled at the bottom of the Valley of Viù (TO), at the foot of the same, the Lake of Malciaussia is a favourite destination of tourists and mountain trekkers.

Due to its location turns out to be an excellent base camp for several Alpine routes.

A picture of extraordinary beauty, its solid frame is formed by the Rocciamelone, monte Palon monte Turlo and mount Lera.

Feed into its waters, where char and trout, the Iron Cross, the white Mare, rio black Mare and rio Rumur, these last three converge at the height of the Lombards and then emptying into the Lake.

Charming old huts of Pietramorta placed at the bottom of the left orographic side of the Lake at the base of Pietramorta.

You can still see the old military forts just above the current refuge of the Lake of Malciaussia currently called '' Vulpot ''.

Marmots, chamois and the alpine flora summer complete the picture of this beautiful town.

Having said that and having enjoyed such beauty, will be back on the road that led us to the Lake near a small church and galleries and externally have ample parking, just below you will notice a steep downhill path leads us through the Stura di Viù '' Clearly '' below the dam of the Lake of Malciaussia.

The trail, near the rio del Lago Nero, turns left across the old dilapidated huts of grange of Castelletto.

After the last of these huts, on our right you will notice a small valley where at different altitudes are mineral deposits.

The mineral site is Prince the epidote mineral, was indicated since the 70-80 as coming from the Black Lake.

From the information obtained with gps I have found that the most promising fields ''-B '' can be attributed to the Lake of Malciaussia and only the small outcrop located at an altitude of 1886 '' D '' is a little closer to Black Lake but has no track.

I will describe briefly the minerals observed and found myself in this locality in the sites indicated by gps and utm coordinates.

Actinolite in crystals, chlorite, calcite crystals up to 5 cm in size, epidote crystals, magnetite crystals deformed, prehnite, sulfides.




My heartfelt thanks to Istituto Geografico Militare in Florence that has made available the cartography of the area treated.

We thank Faithful Mack.



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