Mineralogical locations
of Piedmont
by Patrizia and Massimo Deidda
Valle di Viù on the orographic right
Punta Gensane-Biolai-Viù (TO)

In Punta Gensane locations is an important site for MN located just above the houses of the Biolai fraction of Viù (Turin).

Pass the houses of Biolai toward Richiaglio, on the right, several ancient gneiss quarries are a testimony of the work of the man who used this building material. The Mineralogical interest area is between the houses of Biolai and the first hairpin bends that descend towards the village of Richiaglio.

Accompany the different manganese ores gneiss was recently identified a new mineral that has been given the name of lavoisierite [1] dedicated ore in remembrance of the great naturalist and Chemist Antoine Laurent de Lavoisier, said there is ample in mineral cristallizazioni.

Noteworthy sursassite find well crystallized specimens in exceptional.

A round of applause to Piero Ambrino and Piero Brizio for meticulous descriptions and insights on this site published on Micro Macro, A.P.M.P., news of 2010, friends and Ambrino Brizio are great connoisseurs of the Mineralogical localities in Piedmont, and much she owes to their research and knowledge of the area.


Minerals (Collection and photo m. Deidda)


Albite in deformed crystals, massive braunite and minutes, Hematite crystals in lamellar crystals, lavoisierite in prismatic crystals associations extended, oxides of manganese, piemontite in beautiful magenta crystals, quartz crystals, Crystal spessartina , sursassite in spectacular samples that accompany braunite, Akane, tourmaline crystals, several samples have not yet been analyzed.


Reference bibliography


[1] m. Pasero, c., Mahsa Bakar m., Orlandi p. 2012, The crystal structure of the new mineral lavoisierite:

the link between surssassite and "ardennite". Vol. 1, EMC 2012-59-3.



We thank the Istituto Geografico Militare in Florence that has made available the cartography of the area treated.

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