Mineralogical locations
of Piedmont
by Patrizia and Massimo Deidda
Canavese Turin province
Monti Pelati-Baldissero Canavese-Vidracco and Castellamonte(TO)

Set in the Canavese (TO), the Monti Pelati, known in the literature also called Monti Rossi or Colli di Baldissero, constitute one of the 92 protected areas of the Piedmont region, the natural Reserve covers the area of 150 hectares attributable to the municipalities of Baldissero c.se, Castellamonte, and Vidracco.


The environment around us is unique, the landscape is barren and desert, the climate is milder than surrounding areas affecting the vegetation that while poor is similar to the Mediterranean.

Apart from some rare birch, you can see the oak, pine, willows, wild orchids and Mediterranean herbs.

Living in these places different species of birds, goldfinches, Barbara, calender, occhiocotti, Wheatear, black kite and many other species.

The geological feature of this area is extremely interesting, the igneous and metamorphic rocks are compact with large right lateral moraine of the Amphitheatre of Ivrea and Canavese hills.

These rocks are formed mainly by very large Garnet, are the mineralization to magnesite which follow from Torre Cives to Santa Rosa where fraction goes to opal and manganese minerals.

Several disused chalk pits present ai Monti Pelati Please note the ban on research and collection of minerals.

You have certain information extraction stages dating back to the early 1800 's, was prof. Giovanni Antonio Giobert, partner and member of the Royal Academy of Sciences in Turin that in 1813 he worked on several experiments and analyses on magnesite or giobertite of Baldissero c.se. [1]

The chalk was used for the manufacture of magnesia sulphate (salt) in Turin and Sclopis Carignani as well as in the then capital, pottery was exported in Milan and Lodi. [1]

[1] the statistic Overview States Mineralogical di S.M. il Re di Sardegna, Vincenzo Barelli, Turin 1835.



Aragonite-augite-chromite-cristobalite-enstatite-forsterite olivine – sepiolite - pyrolusite - Opal – todorokite.


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