Mineralogical locations
of Piedmont
by Patrizia and Massimo Deidda
Susa Valley left bank
Crovino-mine Bruzolo (TO)

The abandoned mine of Nickel-cobalt-iron of Crovino is situated on the left bank of the Susa Valley, on the southern slope of the Grand'Uja.

The mine can be easily reached in about 3 hours of travel, from the village of Pavalione just above the town of Chianocco (TO).

After the Alpe Colone, you reach the pasture near Cruvino where is clearly visible the ruins of the Alpe, the trail continues for a series of gullies and shortly after 400 metres making it three hundred houses for miners and near landfill sites are clearly visible of the mine.

You have news of this mine around 1752, the extraction of cobalt was targeted to the ceramic industry for the use of cobalt blue.

The two entrances to the mine, though clearly visible are unusable and pericolossissimi especially the top one that constituted the proper cultivation of the mine, the invitation is always that of vision in a virtual journey that authors provide in gallery, safety and common sense should always prevail over all things.

The minerals

Annabergite, arseneopirite, azurite, calcite, cobaltite, erythrite, dolomite, covellite, lollingite, nickel-skutterudite, magnetite, pyrite, quartz, safflorite, rammelsbergite, scorodite, siderite, skutterudite, tetraedrite.


We thank the Istituto Geografico Militare in Florence that has made available the cartography of the area treated.

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