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Chiusella Valley
Diorite quarries-Traversella (TO)

The Valchiusella occupies the upper Canavese to Ivrea North-West and is crossed by the Chiusella River tributary of the Dora Baltea.

Located in Valchiusella, Traversella is a picturesque village which is about 60 km from Turin (Turin).

Excellent base camp for excursions of alpine tours and busy resort.

The territory of the municipality of Traversella is visited by experts and fans of Mineralogy.

A good part of the story of the charming Traversella is linked to the mines.

Alpine mountain range formed about 50 million years ago.

Under the Valchiusella, about thirty million years ago, a volcano trying to rise to the surface with his molten magma.

Volcanoes that fail to reach the surface are called '' PLUTONS '', and the rocks that are formed when they solidify are called '' intrusive rocks. ''

The Pluto was forced to cool without being able to vent his strength, forming the mountain now called Betogne, and its heat melted and modified the rocks all around.

After millions of years, the erosion of the rocks brought to light the Pluto solidified.

This magma solidified millions of years today is extracted from the quarries of Traversella, Brosso, and Vico and is called diorite.

During the eruption went up along with the underground magma minerals that settled in rich strands arranged around Mount Betogne, and in particular in Brosso and Traversella.

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The minerals.


Albite, anatase, brookite-allanite-ca-cabasite calcite – chalcopyrite-clinocloro – – – cuprite chrysocolla clinozoisite-Hematite-epidote-goethite – ca – laumontite heulandite-lepidocrocite – magnetite – malachite-molybdenite-muscovite-orthoclase-pyrite-quartz, prehnite, scolecite scheelite –-sinchisite-stilbene-titanite.



My heartfelt thanks to Istituto Geografico Militare in Florence that has made available the cartography of the area treated.

A thank you and an applause to friends of Mineralogical Group of Valchiusella for great collaboration, excellent availability and great generosity, good.

A great thanks to the Municipality of Traversella for having joined the process of valorisation of Traversella mines.

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