Mineralogical locations
of Piedmont
by Patrizia and Massimo Deidda
Left Ala Valley
Chiampernotto-Ceres (TO)

We are at the beginning of the Ala Valley (Turin), Chiampernotto is a picturesque village in the municipality of Ceres.

Mineralogical deposits of Chiampernotto are well known for the famous discovery of clinozoisite.

These deposits are now a memory, the discovery circa 1930, lenses located upstream of classical deposits indicate the prohibition of collection of minerals for the willingness of the owners of the funds, it is necessary to comply with this prohibition enshrined in the civil code.

My research has focused much further upstream at about 100-150 metres of classics, (and) in a large gravel pit near the trail that leads to the small village Chiampernotto of Monaviel.

The sparse vegetation that covers the surrounding environment is made up of minute and small Oaks chestnuts that occasionally emerge from small handkerchiefs of land tucked away in the gravel pit.

The main banks of the veins of rovinatesi in pietraia rodingite in ancient times are definitely to be found in the overlying ruffles placed at an altitude of about 1200 m.

The minerals.

Albite in white crystals attinolite crystals capillaries greenish white, clinozoisite pink crystals, chlorite, calcite , epidote en masse in green Crystal,Garnet in colour transparent brownish crystals, magnetite in octahedral crystals, Crystal perowskite of Brown, prehnite in Globular crystals in white tending to greenish, titanite in yellow crystals.




My heartfelt thanks to the Istituto Geografico Militare in Florence that has made available the cartography of the area treated.

Thanks Franco Chianale.

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