Mineralogical locations
of Piedmont
by Patrizia and Massimo Deidda
Left Ala Valley
Borne of Brous-reptile-Walloon Ala di Stura (TO)

Mineralogical deposits of Borne of Brous are easily accessible from the hamlet of roof Floor Ala di Stura (TO).

Accessing wild reptile Valley past the Ridge South of Great Curbassera along a small path that descends in principle at the homonymous Valley and then up at the base of Mount Turn.

In the middle of the Valley is visible (less) a large erratic Boulder near which is located just below the Borna of Selvai, a kind of digging in the soapstone was mined from large cups which were then worked as ornamental stones, a legend tells that it was inhabited by a lone man.

Inside the Borna of Selvai there are several stone carvings and signs of digging performed with rudimentary equipment.

These deposits are countless Valley, we will indicate only the main alphabetical except South Ridge field of Curbassera great that is located between two locations.

The first deposit is located near the South Ridge trail of Great Curbassera where the trail begins to descend towards the Valley of Snakes where were found small vesuvianiti of bright pale green colour biterminate.

The trail descends slightly on the side of the Curbassera and then go after crossing a small small valley of mineralogical lack of interest.

Continuing the marked path through a grove of oak trees, you will arrive at another small valley where are located the deposits (A) – (B).

The deposit (A) consists of a vein of rodingite huge Bowl shaped, these lenses are quite unusual and almost always have big surprises.

Come from this mineral samples without field array, loose and completely finished, very nice the vesuvianite Crystal biterminati in large dark red with Garnet and cubic dress almost always centimetre-sized.

In (B) just uphill near (A) there are Garnet and diopside, chlorite.

If the reservoir (A) and (B) are near the path from this point on we will start to go off trail to meet the (c) with the same minerals of (B).

Over the crestino to the East we find ourselves in a third small valley at the base of a big pyramid of rock where we will find the deposit (D) and (E), are present in these gicimenti the same minerals with the addition of vesuvianite crystals with colours ranging from green to dark brown.

Interesting is the deposit (s), a large vein of rodingite longer than 10 meters and a thickness of 50 cm right over where the presence of green vesuvianite.

Passing to the East the crestino, we are in the fourth small valley where is located the deposit (F) the highest, most notably where over the past 50 years have been found beautiful samples of Garnet, diopside and apatite do.

Subsoil assets (C) (D) (E) (F) are all out trail and having to cross three different ravines at different altitudes, it is not easy to find the underlying path, you should refer to the altimeter that will allow us to repeat to share 1300.


Apatite, calcite, chlorite, diopside, vesuvianite, Garnet.




My heartfelt thanks to Istituto Geografico Militare in Florence that has made available the cartography of the area treated.

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