Mineralogical locations
of Piedmont
by Patrizia and Massimo Deidda
Left Ala Valley
Ciarvetta-Balme (TO)

We are located in the left bank of the wing Valley in the municipality of Balme (TO), the Ciarvetta stands a little above your head Ciarva and rests on the Pian Ciamarella across alla Rocca Ciarva.

At Pian della Mussa, near the refuge Ciriè, a handy path leads to Pian Ciamarella in just under 50 minutes.

The trail passes just a few hundred metres away the head Ciarva, mineralogical localities that made famous the Vale of Ala for the minerals found.

Just before you reach the Pian Ciamarella, you will notice on our left mineralogical deposits of the Giasset places in the hydrographic right rio Ciamarella.

Once on the plane, we can see, to our right, the Ciarvetta that is set on the head Ciarva dominates on the Pian della Mussa.

In a brief and recent Ascension we managed to locate the primary deposits located in '' B '' in following cartography, rodingite boulders are large and partially hidden by a significant amount of debris piles and rovinatisi from the northern flank West of Ciarvetta, the rodingiti have crystallized large areas with the presence of Garnet and diopside.

In a smaller area that are detailed in '' to '' in the following chart we found exceptional samples of sphalerite with 4 cm crystals of the sphalerite was signaled by Jervis that indicated the blende Black Copper deposit of Ciarvetta [1].

From there it was a sample of an old collection presented by Barelli, where he could observe the Garnet and diopside associated with galena, blende marmatite and chalcopyrite [2]

Reported to the Ciarvetta the vesuvianite greenish color [2]

The surrounding landscape is rich in flora and fauna, there are different animal and plant species.


[1] g. Jervis (1873) underground treasures of Italy;

[2] g. Maletto-f. Meda – g. Pelizzone (1976) 4th Edition – the minerals of Val d'ala.


Calcite-chlorite-Garnet, diopside-sphalerite-vesuvianite.



My heartfelt thanks to Istituto Geografico Militare in Florence that has made available the cartography of the area treated.


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